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Why EPDM Roofing Systems Have Become A Thing of The Past

Why EPDM Roofing Systems Have Become A Thing of The Past

In the past, many commercial and industrial buildings used what is commonly referred to as “rubber roofs” or EPDM systems. Over the past few years it has lost it’s appeal especially in the Dallas and Austin areas.  roof-austin-texas

EPDM or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, is a black rubber material that is adhered to the roof and sometimes balasted or fastened to the roof edges. It is a synthetic rubber and comes in two states: a solid, dry sheeting material (vulcanized) and a more flexible semi-solid material (non-vulcanized.) While it was very popular in it’s day, the EPDM system has lost momentum as a quality roofing material over the past few years.

One of the largest reason EPDM has lost it’s appeal is because of energy efficiency. While the black roofs might be good for melting snow, that’s not something we have to deal with much in Dallas or Austin.  Instead, we get to deal with heat. With temperatures reaching well into triple digits for weeks in the summer you don’t want to add to the stress on your cooling system.

Black roofs have been shown to adversely affect the heat in urban areas. In other words, the roofs trap heat in the air and in the building causing rising temperatures. Because of this many large cities have initiated programs to combat this problem. One of the main concerns are these older rubber roofs.

To combat the problem of “urban heat island” affect, many cities are mandating roofs be either replaced with a cooler white roof or coated with a white coating. With many of the tax credits you can receive it’s no wonder many clients tear off older EPDM systems to take advantage of these programs.

Another reason EPDM systems are a thing of the past is the constant maintenance that must be done to keep these roofs water tight. Because of the high temperatures, the material can crack and pull away from the seams. This leads to leaks on your roof.

Lone Star Roofing tries to steer clients away from these types of roofs because we know they aren’t a good investment for our area. If you do have an EPDM system and are considering a new roof, we can help you pick what is right for your situation.

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