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White Roof Coatings

White roof coatings have been shown to reflect more solar radiation than any other color of roof coating. They also have an extremely high thermal emissivity rating. Emissivity is simply a measure of a roofs ability to radiate absorbed heat.

This makes white roof coatings the most effective of all available thermal roof coatings in terms of energy efficiency. In addition to immediately reducing energy bills for the property owner, they are also Energy Star rated “cool roofs” which means that they qualify for the EPA federal energy tax credit. This environmental incentive pays the owner back $.60 per square foot of roof.

We are Texas commercial roofing contractors certified to install Energy Star rated white roof coatings. Let one of our trained professionals help you solve your roofing problems, claim your tax credit, lower your operating costs and ultimately get your white roof coating for free.

Thermal Roof Coatings

Thermal roof coatings offer so many advantages its sometimes hard to fully appreciate them. Consider:

You will save money in cooling costs beginning immediately.

They qualify owners to collect the federal energy tax credit.

They stop roof leaks, protect existing roofs from the elements and dramatically extend roof service life.

Lower cooling cost for you means lower carbon emissions produced by the power companies. This combats the green house effect and helps reduce global warming and the urban heat island effect. You’re welcome Al Gore.

Over their effective service life, thermal roof coatings literally pay for themselves and often even provide a return on investment. You get a leak free roof and help save the world- for free.

Be certain that your commercial roofing contractor uses Energy Star rated thermal roof coatings for your roof repair.

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Spray on Roof Coatings

Spray on Roof Coatings can be applied over very large roofs in a relatively short amount of time. This translates into several advantages for commercial property owners including reduced labor costs and minimal disruption of normal business operations.

We work to maximize this value for our commercial roofing clients by using high power roof spray coating equipment capable

of supporting multiple spray guns simultaneously. We also cater to client requests to work at night or only on weekends so as to minimize any negative impact to our customers’ businesses.

One thing to consider before approving a spray on roof coating is the effect that it may have on surrounding property. All high pressure spray coatings result in a fine mist “over spray” which can travel considerable distances- especially when applied to high roof tops. If this is the case, we will assess the situation and may advise to install the coating by hand using brushes, brooms and rollers.

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Commercial White Roof Coatings

Modern commercial roof coatings are much more than merely paint. They are technologically advanced roof waterproofing systems. Some come with manufacturer warranties equaling more expensive TPO and modified bitumen roofing systems. Commercial roof coatings are most beneficial when applied to roofs which are just beginning to wear. The sooner you take advantage of the protection they offer, the longer your underlying roof will last. This is especially true for metal roofing which may be made to last virtually indefinitely.

If your commercial roofing system is older and has maybe been patched a time or two, commercial roof coatings still present an effective solution. They help to preserve the value remaining in your existing roof, will stop leaks and will extend the roofs remaining life. This allows owners to “buy time” that they can use to budget for the inevitable full roof replacement to come.

There are circumstances, however, when we recommend owners not attempt a commercial roof coating. Sometimes it is obvious that a roof has deteriorated past the point of no return. Maybe there is water saturated roof insulation or rotten roof decking. In this case, roof coating may do more harm than good.

Flat Roof Coatings

Flat roof coatings must perform under much harsher conditions than metal or residential roof coatings. They must withstand ponding water, caustic chemicals, foot traffic and other unusual conditions.

We offer extremely tough flat roof coatings modified with ceramic “microspheres” which not only strengthen the material but also add to the buildings cumulative R-value.

We are the premier commercial roofing company in Texas.

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