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TPO Roofing Systems

TPO Roofing Systems

TPO Roofing Systems

TPO roofing systems are beginning to dominate the commercial flat roofing market in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. This holds true for the rest of Texas and most of the other southern States as well. So what’s all the buzz about?

Mike McAuley of Versico, Inc. – a major TPO manufacturer –  says, “There’s significant push for TPO roofing systems because (TPO) is environmentally friendly. It’s a recyclable product, and has energy-saving characteristics”. He also points out that engineers, architects and other system specifiers are choosing TPO over other roofing systems because material costs are lower.

Another reason commercial managers are choosing TPO is because white versions carry an Energy Star Rating and are eligible for an EPA cool roof tax credit. Because Energy Star roofing by definition reflects heat rather than holding it, TPO also reduces the urban heat island effect. Shrewd commercial property managers and owners will parlay these environmentally friendly virtues into good public relations opportunities.

TPO roofing systems just makes sense. They are good for the environment, they are economical, they are durable, they save money in cooling bills and the Government rewards owners for purchasing them. Combine this with ultra low maintenance requirements, easy leak detection and low cost repair and we have a winner.

The people at Lone Star Flat Roof Construction, LLC., respect your time. When you call you are connected directly to a factory certified TPO Roofing System expert. Your questions will be answered immediately. We’ll bring you more than just product samples and literature; we can schedule site visits to one of our newly completed commercial TPO roofing projects.

TPO Roofing Membrane

     TPO Roofing Membrane typically comes in three standard thicknesses: 45 mil, 60 mil and 80 mil where one mil equals one thousandth of an inch. Which is the best for you?

Naturally, that’s a loaded question as many factors ultimately determine which thickness is best for any given situation. Just keep in mind that the labor cost for installing any of the three remains the same. The only difference in price results from the difference in price of the TPO roofing membrane. Since this difference is likely to be only a small percentage of the total job cost, it’s generally a better idea to go with a thicker membrane as it is more rugged and comes with longer warranties.

Looking for the hidden 10% coupon? Sorry, its not on this page but don’t worry, we didn’t make it too hard to find. We want our potential customers to be educated about TPO Roofing Systems and commercial roofing in general. Keep reading, it may be worth up to $15,000.00

FleeceBACK TPO Roofing

Fleeceback TPO Roofing Contractors

     FleeceBACK TPO roofing is the best single ply roofing system available. Sure-Weld® FleeceBACK membranes are manufactured using a hot-melt extrusion process and are reinforced with fleece. This results in increased sheet thicknesses with 100 mil, 115 mil and 135 mil varieties available.

This durable and versatile membrane is ideal for either re-roofing or new construction projects. FleeceBACK TPO sheets are chlorine and plasticizer free which gives them excellent chemical resistance to acids, bases, restaurant oils, animal fats and other greases. Because of its unmatched toughness, FleeceBACK TPO roofing is an ideal choice for roof gardens, roofs with solar panel arrays and projects requiring superior wind uplift resistance.

Other benefits:

  • Wide window of weldability.
  • Unmatched toughness, durability and enhanced puncture resistance.
  • 115-mil option has 33% more puncture resistance and 33% higher breaking strength than 60-mil TPO
  • Greater puncture resistance than Modified Bitumen
  • Proven hail damage resistance by passing UL-2218 Class 4 rating.
  • FleeceBACK TPO roofing withstood National Bureau of Standards Ice Ball test by withstanding 3″ diameter hail with the membrane cooled to 32°F

Mechanically Attached TPO Roofing

Mechanically attached TPO roofing refers to the application method used to install the roof- not to the TPO material itself. In other words, a roofer could choose to mechanically fasten or fully adhere either FleeceBack TPO, 45 mil or 80 mil TPO. Many commercial managers are favoring mechanically fastened TPO as a more a durable option because the membrane is fastened directly to the roof deck using special screws and large metal plates. They like the fact that no chemical adhesives are used to adhere the membrane.

Fully Adhered TPO Roofing

Fully adhered TPO roofing systems are secured to the roof using various types of chemical adhesives depending on the application. One benefit of using this method is that the resulting install is exceptionally smooth and visually appealing immediately upon completion but the more practical benefit is (initial) superior resistance to wind uplift.
In addition to TPO Roofing Systems, we also offer full service commercial roofing including:


  • All Single Ply roofs: TPO, PVC roofing and EPDM rubber roofing.
  • Thermal Roof Coatings which also are Energy Star rated EPA Cool Roofing.
  • Metal roof coatings, repair and replacement.
  • Foam roofing repair and replacement.
  • Roof decking.
  • Roof consultation.
  • Help with Insurance claims.
  • Built Up Roofing (BUR),Hot Tar, Hot Asphalt or Tar and Gravel roofing.
  • Flat and Aluminum roof coatings.
  • Modified Bitumen roofing systems: A.P.P. Modified Bitumen (Torch Down Roofing) or S.B.S. Modified Bitumen (Mop Down Roofing).
  • Energy saving reflective roofs.
  • R-panel metal warehouse roofing, repair and replacement.
  • Roof leak repair.

No other commercial roofing company in Dallas can match our expertise nor our pricing of TPO roofing systems.

TPO Roofing – TPO Roofing System

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