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TPO Roofing Cost in Dallas

TPO Roofing Cost Dallas

The cost to install a TPO roofing system in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex is rising, but has not increased at the same pace as older petroleum based roofing systems such as Modified Bitumen, Torch Down Roofing or Built Up Roofing systems (BUR roofs). That’s because these bituminous hot tar and gravel or “hot asphalt roofs” are more closely linked to the price of oil than the more refined Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) systems.

Additionally, TPO roofing systems are faster and easier to install than either asphalt or modified bitumen systems. This means labor costs are lower as well.

Together, these factors combine for an unusual result- a higher quality product is available at a lower price. The cost of TPO roofing in Dallas is actually lower than the cost of either Modified Bitumen roofing or Built up Roofing. Considering BUR systems date from the late 1800’s and modified bitumen technology is from the 30’s; we are in position to purchase a superior product at a lower price.

Lone Star Flat Roof Construction, LLC. is a commercial and industrial flat roof specialist. Being experts certified to install all the major types of roofing systems, we can quickly and effectively craft a value based solution specific to your unique situation. We know the pro’s and con’s of each commercial roofing system. We know where you will find a rebate, a deduction, a lower cooling bill.

We know when patchwork is a lost cause. Rather than throwing your money down a well, we won’t hesitate to tell you that a complete tear off is the more cost effective option- provided that it actually is. We also know when a roof overlay is a better option and how to add 10 years to a failing roof by implementing a targeted maintenance program.

You get things done. So do we.

TPO Roofing Estimates

Looking for TPO Roofing Estimates? Keep reading and you will find a hidden coupon good for 10% off of your TPO roof repair!! We don’t mean to make you work for it, we just want you to make an informed decision. If you prefer, call and we’ll send you one.

TPO Roofing – TPO Roofing Costs in Dallas

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