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What Are EDPM Systems

What Are EDPM Systems

When you are looking for a new roof for your building, you will find a lot of terms thrown around that you might not understand. Lone Star Roofing believes that every client should be as informed as possible about what kind of roofing system they are putting over their investment.   roof-austin-tpo

One of the most popular industrial roofs are EPDM systems. This roofing systems is a compound that is manufactured from ethylene, propylene and diene monomer. It gives the membranes a high degree of weathering and UV resistance plus and low temperature flexibility.

EPDM systems come in two colors. The standard black roof is often called a rubber roof. Another highly reflective white layer can be added during manufacturing that can help cut energy costs.

EPDM can be installed in three ways. The ballasted system is a very cheap and easy way to install the roofing system. After the membrane is laid down, it is held down by smooth pebbles or concrete pavers. For mechanically attached systems, panels are attached through the membrane or at the side laps. It can be non-reinfoced or scrim (fabric) reinforced. For EDPM systems to be fully adhered, the membrane must be fully attached to the insulation by mechanical fasteners, stress plates or adhesives.

EDPM systems are weather and wind resistant. They can easily handle hail, heavy rains and debris. Because there are no organic materials used, you will not have to worry about material decay because of condensation or water seepage into the membrane.

All roofing systems need regular maintenance although some need more than others. Regular roof examinations can be key to spotting problems before they arise. EDPM systems for the most part only require regular maintenance, however, here in Texas the membranes do tend to dry out and crack more frequently.

Some coating can be used on and EDPM system such as acrylic, however, always consult the manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

Although the EDPM system has a proven track record, Lone Star Roofing believes that it isn’t always the best system for our area. If you have questions about EDPM systems, please click the link below for a free consultation and we will call you right back. Or give us a call at 512-920-3747.

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