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Industrial Roofing Contractors Dallas

Industrial Roofing Companies Dallas

Industrial Roofing Contractors Dallas

Dallas Industrial Roofing Contractors.

In this article we discuss what separates an industrial roofer from residential and even most commercial roofing companies.

Some of the most extreme conditions on the planet may be found in the industrial establishments of men. From steel foundries to chemical refineries, animal processing plants to nuclear facilities; industrial roofers deal with extremely caustic, abrasive, volatile and even explosive conditions in and around industrial facilities.

This is seldom the case for strictly commercial roofers and almost never the case for residential roofing contractors. Purely commercial work occasionally crosses into gray areas when roofing, say, restaurants for example. Restaurants often have leaky grease traps resulting in animal fats which have to be dealt with. These fats are solvent to most traditional roofing systems and this solvency must be accounted for. Still, for the most part, commercial roofing means strip malls and motels, service stations, office buildings and corner stores.

Dedicated Industrial roofers, on the other hand, deal with toxic gases, EPA controlled environments, federally regulated industries, explosive environments and a host of other contingencies. Performing roofing operations under these conditions requires special training and special certifications. We must employ OSHA trained safety officers whose sole purpose is to plan for, identify, monitor and intercept any dangerous activity.

As industrial roofing contractors, we must employ consultants to plan for special conditions while paying complete respect to the knowledge and protocols already in place at the various institutions where we might work.

Lone Star is one of the leading industrial roofing companies in Dallas. Don’t take any chances. We will assign a certified expert to consider your unique situation and provide you with a detailed consultation report based on your criterion. At no cost.

Industrial Roofing Systems.

Industrial Roofing Systems

Industrial Roofing Systems

     Industrial roofing systems must be specified based on the chemical and physical environment in which they must perform. Restaurant roofs subject to animal fats as mentioned above call for a PVC or TPO membrane as these have been engineered to withstand animal fats.

     Concrete manufacturing facilities and sand blasting plants more appropriately call for physically thick, multi-layered Modified Bitumen and Built up “Hybrid” systems capable of withstanding heavy duty physical abuse from abrasives. No matter what your circumstance calls for there is an industrial roofing system right for you.

Industrial Roof Maintenance.

Industrial Roof Maintenance

Industrial Roof Maintenance

Industrial roof maintenance could very well be an industry unto itself. The normal service life of any roofing system is greatly reduced when subjected to the harsh environments found in industrial applications.

To maximize service life and extend the value of their roofing systems, smart maintenance managers employ an industrial roofing specialist to implement preventative roof maintenance protocols. Normally these proactive measures are pre-scheduled at once or twice a year intervals. Typically, we would clean and inspect a roof or subject area of roofing looking for any defect or developing defect inside what is known to be traditional trouble spots. Usually this means seams, flashings, protrusions and perimeters.

If a potentially troublesome spot is located, we make a preventative or reinforcement repair to the area and report our findings back to the maintenance engineer. This simple procedure incurs only a minimal cost but can add years of life to a roof.

You shouldn’t trust such complicated and potentially dangerous procedures to just anyone. Lone Star Roofing is an Industrial flat roof specialist. Every member of our team is subjected to random drug testing and must complete specialized training given by the respective commercial roofing manufacturers. But that in itself isn’t enough. We’ve been striving to exceed in this field since 1971. We have three generations worth of experience performing industrial roof maintenance. Call Texas’ industrial roofers and leave the worrying to us.

Do yourself a favor. You will save time and money by giving us a call. Lone Star is the best industrial roofing contractor in Dallas. Speak to a certified expert who will answer your questions free of charge.

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