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Commercial Roofing Companies Dallas

Commercial Roofing Companies Dallas

Vetting Commercial Roofing Contractors in Dallas.

When vetting commercial roofing contractors in Dallas, Texas , it is important to differentiate between Commercial, Residential and Industrial roofing companies and understand which specialist best suits your specific application. Industrial and Residential roofers are discussed in their own dedicated articles elsewhere (please browse the navigation above). In this article we will focus on what makes Commercial roofers unique.


Commercial Roofing in Texas.

Heat is the bane of every commercial roofing company in Texas . It makes our work at times unbearable and challenges even the hardiest roofing systems. As if the brutal Texas summers weren’t enough, we have to deal with even hotter things.

A.P.P. Modified Bitumen or “ Torch Down ” is applied by high power propane torches which melt the membrane to itself and its underlying base-sheet. These torches are commonly 500,000 BTU flame throwers blasting right under the applicator’s feet.

S.B.S. Modified Bitumen or “Mop Down” is applied by fully embedding modified membrane in a heavy layer of mopped down hot asphalt. Whoever holds the mop or is setting the membrane is standing directly over hot tar that hits the roof at almost 500 degrees. Did we mention there is seldom much shade on a commercial roof top?

The heat also stresses the roof itself. Flat roofs in Dallas can easily reach a surface temperature of 180 degrees and by early morning they may have cooled off to 70 degrees. The resulting thermal contraction/expansion stresses (and the raw heat itself) can literally tear a roof apart. Intimate knowledge of how these factors effect details in the field and experience in installing flexible roofing systems is crucial if your roof is going to last.

Compounding these challenges is the fact that waterproofing a flat roof dozens or even hundreds of feet in the air is a formidable task to begin with. If the building also sports a parapet wall, as they usually do, you had better be sure you have excellent internal drainage or your roof can quickly become a swimming pool.

Will your roof require a tear off? If so, you had better be especially careful. One cannot simply tarp off a large flat roof in the event of an unexpected rain shower as is the case with a nicely sloped house roof. Tear off and re-roofing of commercial buildings is full blown demolition. Essentially, one fifth of your building structure will be ripped up and hauled away. Every aspect from material delivery to evening water cut off procedures must be expertly planned and executed using “phased roofing” techniques or water will enter your building .

You cannot trust such a complex and important procedure to just anyone. Lone Star Roofing is a Commercial / Industrial flat roof specialist . Every member of our team undergoes specialized certification conducted by independent commercial roofing manufacturers. More than that, we have three generations worth of experience dealing with these high stakes situations.

We can and usually do perform full tear off roofing projects without stopping or even slowing down the underlying business operations.

Call Texas’ commercial roofers at (972) 342-2986 and leave the worrying to us.

The best commercial roofing companies rarely target residential work.

Best Commercial Roof Contractors Dallas

Residential roofing projects don’t generally appeal to commercial roofing companies for several reasons. First, profitability is directly linked to speed and volume. It’s easy to break into shingle roofing. As a result, you have competition on every corner. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the prices are actually very low considering the raw labor involved.

In order to be competitive, it is necessary that each shingle project be completed as fast as humanly possible while paying the lowest possible wages to workers. In the quest for profitability this often means hiring day labor or undocumented workers and pushing them much harder and longer than may be ethical.

Commercial roofing companies in Dallas , on the other hand, prefer to beat the competition in other ways. We employ trained, experienced workers and pay them well. We have the liberty to perform our work more thoroughly for the highest quality result. “Rushing” through a job won’t cut it for commercial applications because creating a water tight product on a flat surface is challenging to say the least.

Commercial roofers also take on much larger projects so instead of having to continually rush through many little jobs, we tackle complicated, large scale projects. Taking advantage of complex applications involving skilled craftsmanship helps us to weed out the less qualified competition.

If you have any specific questions, you will save time and money by giving us a call. Lone Star is the best commercial roofing contractor in Dallas . Speak to a certified expert who will answer your questions free of charge.

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