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Metal Roof Coatings

Metal roof coatings today have advanced to the point that they have become certified roofing systems unto themselves complete with No Dollar Limit (NDL) Manufacturer Warranties covering both material and labor. Even very old, rusted metal roofs can be prepared, primed and coated with fantastic results. Besides stopping leaks, reducing cooling bills, and extending the life of existing roofs, metal roof coatings also offer purely human benefits. They make it easier to provide cooler interior temperatures and a more productive working atmosphere during the intense Texas summers.

Not everyone is so easily sold on the many benefits of metal roof coatings. They sometimes they seem almost too good to be true. We often come across old metal roofs which have been patched over and over with inferior or incompatible materials. Other times we see work installed by roofing contractors who did not know how (or did not take the time) to properly install a quality metal roof coating system.

This can understandably make an owner feel like roof coatings are ineffective but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Metal roof coatings are not paint. They are chemically engineered compounds designed to be installed and applied in very specific ways. Your roofer cannot mix non-compatible chemicals when installing these products. We’ve all heard the saying “like oil and water”, with metal roof coatings this is especially true- just add about 25 additional chemicals to the equation.

Properly installed, metal roof coatings will stop your leaks. They will prevent your metal roof from rusting. They extend the life of your metal roof indefinitely because the coating wears out- not your roof. They are renewable so even when they do wear out, you can reapply them again and again.

We are commercial roof coating contractors certified to install Energy Star rated metal roof coatings. We can solve your roofing problems while tripling the life of your roof with roof coating systems backed by 10 to 15 year Labor AND Material Manufacturer Warranties.

In addition to lower cooling bills that often save THOUSANDS a year, we show you how to claim your Federal Energy Tax credit which pays back up to 30% of your roofing investment. We solve your roofing problems. You claim your tax credit, lower your operating costs, improve working conditions for your employees and ultimately get your metal roof coating for free.

Metal Roof Coating Contractor

We are the top metal roof coating contractors in Texas. We have a dedicated roof coating division in our company which includes specialist Project Managers and in house crews that install flat and metal roof coating systems exclusively. This specialization allows us to perform more efficiently, faster and at lower cost than our competition. Ultimately, our customers get higher quality work at a lower price than any other Dallas metal roof coating contractor can offer.

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Commercial Metal Roof Coatings

We are certified to install all major lines of commercial metal roof coatings including:

  • Thermally Reflective roof coatings
  • S.E.B.S. (Styrene Ethylbutylene Styrene) roof coatings
  • Urethane roof coating
  • Spray foam roof coating
  • Aluminum roof coatings
  • Metal roof coating
  • Flat roof coating
  • Ceramic roof coatings
  • Acrylic roof coatings
  • White roof coatings
  • Commercial Metal roof coatings

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Commercial Roof Coatings

We offer free metal roofing estimates including free roof inspections and consultation, in the Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston Texas areas. We can help deal with insurance companies and are happy to meet with insurance adjusters on your roof. It gets pretty hard to deny roof damage when you have a licensed professional pointing it out to. It gets even harder when that professional is taking snapshots of the adjuster looking at it.

Heck, we’ll even put it on Instagram if you want.

Call Lone Star if you need a metal roofing estimate in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Metal Roof Coating Estimates

Flat roof coatings must perform under much harsher conditions than metal or residential roof coatings. They must withstand ponding water, caustic chemicals, foot traffic and other unusual conditions.

We offer extremely tough flat roof coatings modified with ceramic “microspheres” which not only strengthen the material but also add to the buildings cumulative R-value.

We are the premier commercial roofing company in Texas.

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