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Cool Roof Coatings Systems

Your roofing is the first, and primary, line of defense between your building and the weather outside. A big part of that defense is keeping the heat and ultraviolet radiation the beats down on your building during the summertime outside where it belongs. Energy Star Cool Roof Coating products reduce the amount of air conditioning needed to keep a building cool and lower overall energy bills by as much as 50%. The Department of Energy’s Cool Roof Program is aimed at reducing America’s energy usage and defines standards for a wide range of properties that a product must conform to in order to receive the Energy Star seal of approval. These standards include:

  • Solar Reflectance
  • 3-Year Aged Maintenance of:
    – Reflectivity – Amount of sun’s heat kept off a building.
    – Emissivity – Amount of sun’s heat let out of a building.

Cool Roof Coatings are usually light in color to facilitate reflecting the sun’s rays. Research and strenuous testing has shown, without fail, that lighter colored roof coatings can lower the temperature of your roofing by up to 100° Fahrenheit. The most common coatings used in tandem with sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) and other roof deck surfaces are white in color and come in the following types:

  • Acrylic
  • Silicone
  • Urethanes
  • Polyurea

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Acrylic Coatings

Acrylic coatings are formulated into an elastomeric membrane to add seamless protection to your roofing system. It is a lightweight and durable coating that withstands weather, eliminates leaks, seals seems, and restores your roof to its full potential. The watertight seal covers everything including around flashings, vents, and protrusions. This product does not contain any VOCs.

Silicone Coatings

Silicone coatings are a great option if you are looking for a proven long lasting solution for roof restoration. Many silicone applications can last between 10-25 years depending on the particular system installed. Some benefits of a silicone roof system are low odor, quick cure time, and no need for prior tear off as it applies over existing surfaces. These roofing systems also help save on energy as they are CRRC compliant.

Single-Ply Membranes

This option is designed for low-sloped roofs. The membranes are pre-fabricated and simply roll onto the roof. There are several options for securing this coating, including:

  • Adhering with chemical adhesive
  • Attaching with mechanical fasteners
  • Kept in place by ballast (consisting of gravel, pavers, or stones)

Benefits of Coating Your Roof

Applying a roof coating to your building comes with various advantages. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for tear-offs
  • Excellent water proofing
  • Maintains current fire rating
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Title-24 compliant
  • Energy efficient
  • More cost effective than re-roofing
  • Extends the life of your roof
  • Lowers temperature and increases comfort

Are You Ready for a Roof Coating System?

If you’re ready to extend the life of your roof without the mess and expense of tearing off, a protective coating can be a great match for you. Our crew of craftsmen can install a brand new roof equipped with a coating or simply apply a coating to your existing roof. If you’re experiencing leaks or other minor issues, our coatings can eliminate them while also cooling down your property and saving energy.

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If you’re in need of a reputable, experienced and locally-owned roofing contractor, there’s only one clear choice – Lone Star Roofing. Our expert technicians will deliver the finest finished product without bloated costs or hidden fees. Our professional quote will be the price you pay, and our inspection process – which is free of charge – will ensure all the work needed is identified before anything is done.

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Your property, whether it’s a home or business, stands as the single biggest investment for most people. Protecting it and using only the best service professionals and industry-leading products is integral to the long-term success of your roofing system. Our expert technicians are cross-trained in a wide range of disciplines to ensure they deliver the finest work and friendliest customer service. Each has training in the following:

  • Roof Inspections
  • Roof Construction
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Maintenance
  • 24/7 Emergency Response

Cool Roof Coatings Installation

We have many years of experience with all types of roofing systems and carry the finest products backed by the industry’s best warranties. Our technicians are specially-trained to install and repair our entire range of products.

Roofing doesn’t have to be difficult – call Lone Star Roofing plus, it’s 100% guaranteed.

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