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Aluminum Roof Coatings

Aluminum roof coatings should be among the first roof repair options a shrewd property owner considers, especially when a commercial flat or metal roof is just beginning to show signs of aging. Preserving your roof, and by extension the value of your property, by implementing a concise preventative maintenance program has been shown to be the most cost effective course of action. Few options are as economical and effective as Aluminum roof coatings which not only waterproof, but also

encapsulate, preserve and protect your existing roof asset.

We are certified to install Energy Star rated Aluminum roof coatings that come with up to 15 year manufacturer warranties.

Furthermore, most roof coatings we offer are renewable meaning they may be re-applied, with a new warranty, once the original coating begins to fail. It is easy to double the life of a flat roof using this method- at a fraction of the cost you would incur by replacing a roof prematurely because preventative maintenance was ignored. In the case of metal roofs, these benefits may be reapplied indefinitely.

Combine this with the fact that most Energy Star rated aluminum roof coatings actually pay for themselves via energy savings and tax credits, it’s really a no brainer.

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Energy Star Roof Coatings

Energy Star rated roof coatings, and Energy Star rated roofing systems in general, not only save you money in cooling costs, but they are good for the environment in general. They lower carbon emissions, are renewable and because by definition they must emit heat; they reduce the heat island effect.

Make sure that your contractor only uses Energy Star rated roof coatings for your commercial roofing repair.

Cool Roof Tax Credit

We have been speaking a lot about the EPA cool roof tax credit for good reason. Savvy commercial property owners can leverage this tax incentive to receive back from the federal government up to $.60 per square foot on their capital improvement to their roofing system. Although the specifics get a little technical and legislation is both in the works and subject to change, the basic qualifications are this:

  • The roof coating or roofing system must be Energy Star Rated.
  • They must contribute to improving the energy efficiency of the building envelope by 50%.

Keep in mind that the law doesn’t require that the roofing system alone improves the energy efficiency of the building by 50%, it only requires that the roof contributes to reaching that benchmark. In fact, the building need never reach a 50% improvement at all, provided the roofing system is holding up its side of the bargain. If an owner were to actually achieve a total building 50% improvement by installing high efficiency HVAC systems, low wattage lighting systems and other means; he would be eligible to receive $1.80 per square foot of building. That adds up fast. We can show you how to do it.

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Cool Roof Coatings

Cool Roof Coatings just make good since. Protect your roof, delay expensive roof replacement, save money on cooling bills, receive tax credits, stop leaks, save the environment. The only reason you wouldn’t want to take advantage of this is if your roof has deteriorated past the point of no return. If this is the case, its too late and a cool roof coating won’t help you.

Full Service Aluminum Roof Coatings

We offer full service commercial roofing including:

  • Single Ply roofing systems.
  • TPO roofing
  • PVC roofing
  • Thermal Roof Coatings.
  • EPDM rubber roofing systems
  • Metal roof coating
  • Metal roof repair
  • Foam roofing repair and replacement
  • Roof decking
  • Roof consultation
  • Help with Insurance claims
  • Hot Tar Roofs, Hot Asphalt Roofs and Tar and Gravel roofing
  • Flat roof coatings.

    Roof leak repair

  • Modified Bitumen roofing

  • SBS Modified Bitumen Mop Down Roofing

  • APP Modified Bitumen Torch Down Roofing

  • R-panel roofing and roof replacement

  • Aluminum roof coatings

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