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Which Roof Is Best For Saving Money On Energy Bills in Texas

Which Roof Is Best For Saving Money On Energy Bills in Texas

As the energy costs continue to rise, homeowners and commercial property owners are looking for energy efficient roofing systems to help cut on costs and save money. The best energy efficient roofs can save household costs, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and significantly lower the annual energy bills. Though the initial costs of installing roofs that save energy can be comparably high, the reduced energy bills neutralize the overall investment cost.  shutterstock_152241650

White titanium-painted roofs

The color you choose for your roofs can significantly affect the overall heating and cooling costs. If you have decided to remodel your home, choose roof colors and coatings that can reduce the amount of temperatures your roof can absorb. If you cannot afford to install a new roof, consider investing in white titanium dioxide paint or aluminum sheets. These materials are least expensive and easy to install.

Green roofs that save energy

If the rising utility bills you, care causing you problems, consider installing a green roof. These roofs are ideal for homeowners with flat or shallow-pit roofs and can include basic materials such as garden or plants. The reason these roofs are preferred is that they allow you to enjoy an open roof and provide natural insulation, lowering the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling your home. Green roofs are effective in reducing the urban heat island effect.

Cool Roofs

If you are considering re-roofing your home or installing a new roof, deciding whether to install a new cool roof or if you want to convert your current roof is a major decision. Cool roofs use reflective materials that absorb less heat than conventional roofing materials. If you install a cool roof, you can reduce the temperature of your home by over 50°F, hence saving energy and money, as less air conditioning will be used. Cool roofs are known for their comfort and minimum energy costs.

Low-sloped Cool coating roofs

These roofs are common on commercial buildings and multifamily homes. You can make your roofs energy efficient by applying a single-ply membrane or cool coating.

Asphalt shingles have been known to be among the hottest roofs, but roof manufacturers are finding ways of making them roofs that save energy by making them as reflective as possible to reduce the amount of heat they can absorb at any given time. Today, most asphalt shingles earn energy Star rating and help you access tax credits.

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