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Roofing Options To Keep Your Building Cooler

Roofing Options To Keep Your Building Cooler

Summer in Austin Texas can always be described in one word: HOT.  Many homes and businesses switch on the cooling systems even though the calendars technically still say winter. This can lead to higher utility bills, but Lone Star Roofing can offer you an alternative to those costly cooling costs.   commercial-austin-roof

Technology is changing everything including the roof over your head. Fueled by legislation to rely less on fossil fuels, many roofing material companies have developed systems that qualify for the Energy Star tax credits. This means that a roof coating or a new roof can save you money.

New roofing systems such as reflective aluminum and white roofs reflect more of the sun’s rays than traditional roofing system. This leads to a much cooler roof as it doesn’t absorb the energy and transfer heat into the building. And because the roof is cooler, the upper regions of the building will be cooler. In the long run, this could save you thousands over the life of your roof.

Even if you’ve never had a leak or just recently installed a new roof, you can sill take advantage of new roofing systems that can help you qualify for tax credits and pay for itself over time. Lone Star Roofing can install an energy efficient roof covering over the existing roof that can help lower cooling bills and even extend the life of the roof.

So if you are looking to keep your building cooler and save money with a new roofing system in Austin ask Lone Star Roofing about any of the following roofing options:

  • Thermal coatings
  • Metal roof coatings
  • Thermal Reflective coatings
  • Cool Roof coatings
  • Energy rated single ply Cool Roof
  • Aluminum Flake Roof coatings

We can help you decide what roofing system is right for your building and your budget. Lone Star Roofing can repair, coat or install any commercial roofing system as we have the training and are certified by the manufacturers. Let us help you keep your building cooler and save money this summer.

Please click below for your free consultation and we will call you right back, or call us at 512-920-3747.

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