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Roofing Contractors in Texas

Roofing Contractors in Texas

The roof on your business isn’t something most business owners think much about. For the most part they shouldn’t. The roof does its job to keep the water out and warm or cool air in. But what happens as the building and the roof ages or if storms cause damage? The owner will then have to look for roofing contractors.  roof-austin-tpo

There are a few things a business owner needs to keep in mind if they are looking for a roofing specialist.

Commercial or Residential?

Roofing contractors are either residential or commercial. While there is some overlap, most often a residential roofing contractor won’t be able to fix or re-roof a commercial building. Commercial roofing employees are specially trained to install the latest in roofing technology and must meet higher regulations.

Are they Qualified?

Another thing to consider is are the qualified to install the kind of roof you want or need? Because of the complexity of industrial buildings, a commercial roofing contractor might have to have knowledge of not only engineering but bio-chemistry as well. Highly sophisticated roofs require commercial and industrial roofing specialists to be up to date on the latest technology.


Other companies might try to low ball the competition but don’t be fooled. A cheap patch could cost you more money in the long run, especially if you have to replace underlying insulation and plywood. Our professionals can advise you on whether your building is only in need of repairs or if the entire roof needs replacing. We can even offer you advice on maintenance that could extend the life of your roof.


Lone Star Roofing prides itself for being in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ record. This means that we take care of our customers and use only the best materials for the job. Our crews are highly trained and supervised. If you have any problems with a roof we have installed, you can be assured that we will fix any issues that arise.

So if you are considering replacing your commercial roof or feel you might need repairs, call Lone Star Roofing.

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