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Locate TPO Roofing Installers in Austin TX

Locate TPO Roofing Installers in Austin TX

When you are installing a new commercial roof in Austin or are needing a repair, it helps to do some homework on the materials used. While researching new roofing materials, the words Thermoplastic Polyolefin or TPO may come up. This very popular commercial roofing material provides many different types of protection for your building. It is strong, flexible and offers great protection for your roof, but not everyone can install it.  roof-austin-texas

First what is TPO?

TPO is a single ply membrane that combines several different polymers and materials to create a long lasting watertight roofing system. These membranes are created by Firestone, Genflex and Carlisle using very scientific methods. These membranes also use UV stabilizers to limit sun damage. By altering the polymers the membranes can have different properties such as flame retardants. Different companies produce slightly different properties and are always advancing the technology.

How is it applied?

TPO is manufactured according to specifications by the client and builder. It is shipped in rolls to the job site. Once the roof is cleaned and prepped, TPO can then be rolled out and fastened to the roof. The edges of the membranes must be welded together through either heat or chemicals. This forms a water tight seal for your roof.

Can anyone do it?

While the process might seem easy, TPO  needs to be installed by qualified contractors such as Lone Star Roofing. The seam welding is a delicate process that if not done correctly will leave weak parts in the seal. Over time it could develop leaks.

Lone Star Roofing has the right equipment and training to install TPO roofing materials. We specialize in flat roof installation and repairs. Because we deal with the manufacturers directly, we may be able to offer you savings on your roofing project. In many cases a new roof can qualify you for tax credits and over time save you money on heating and cooling costs.

For more information on our roofing services in Austin, please click below to schedule your free consultation and we will call you right back, or call us at 512-920-3747.

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