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How Much Does a New Roof For My Warehouse Cost

How Much Does a New Roof For My Warehouse Cost

Of course there is not a single answer to this question. Even a range of fees would be irresponsible without knowing the size of the warehouse and the existing roofs condition.  The best thing an owner can do to know for certain what the price of a new warehouse roof would cost is to have an onsite consultation with a competent, experienced commercial roofer.  With the cost of a new warehouse roof being such a significant expense, there are a number of factors to consider.  For example answers to the following  based on the roof’s current condition.  commercial-austin-roof

  • Has the roof had a number of repairs over its lifespan?
  • Does it leak in any areas? Has the exposure to moisture been repetitive?
  • Is the substructure, the deck, under the roof coating in good shape or of need or repair or replacement?
  • Is there rot due to extended or repeated exposure to moisture?  Is there mold present?

  All of these items have to be explored in their entirety in order to have the correct solutions to consider. This is one reason why the onsite consultation is so vital, an experienced roofer must actually inspect the existing roof and any repair work, often up close, in order to properly diagnosis the current state of needed replacement or repair.

If you are told that a new warehouse roof is needed, there is a second consideration to make. Just how long the owner will retain the property? Calculating the cost of the roof over time for those who intend to retain ownership, the cost should be amortized out.

However, if the property is purchased with the intent to “flip,” the property than surprisingly, the answer is the same, go for the new warehouse roof.  Buyers shy from properties that require roof work. Replacing the roof is a fantastic selling feature, still, in the case of selling immediately, you may not elect to upgrade any coatings or level of premium materials that you would if you were to retain ownership.  Or, if you caught the roof in time and before the deck has been affected, and if only one layer of roofing exists currently, than a more economical option is a consideration; a roof overlay. This consists of applying the new roof surface over the old and can save considerable funds if a complete tear off of the old roof isn’t required.

The answer is a definite yes. By addressing just regular maintenance and having repairs performed as soon as they occur it will reduce the cost of the warehouse roof over time. Because an owner that performs maintenance on the roof as issues arise immediately can extend the life of the roof up to three times fold. Now a 25 year roof with proper and immediate maintenance will last 65-75 years, this effects the amortization schedule the cost is divided by significantly. So with so much of the cost and diagnosis of the current roof’s condition and number of existing roofs present, not having a professional commercial roofer perform an onsite consultation, there is no way to be certain what the cost and necessary actions are. An onsite inspection from an experienced roofer can save an owner tens of thousands of dollars in acquiring a new warehouse roof.

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