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How Do I Know If I Can Fix My Roof By Myself

How Do I Know If I Can Fix My Roof By Myself

There are many buildings in Austin with flat roofs. Many of them are commercial or industrial buildings. Because of the size of these buildings, a peaked roof just isn’t practical because of sheer weight issues.  Instead these buildings rely on a complicated layers of materials to keep water out of the building. The layers can consist of many different types of materials from pitch and gravel, to new materials such as silicone and urethane.   roof-austin-texas-commercial

Because of the wide variety of materials used in roofing a building we at Lone Star Roofing do not suggest you try repairs yourself. Austin roofing repairs can be dangerous as any fall is not going to be a small one from the top of an industrial building, but if you insist on trying it yourself, please follow these steps.

First gather materials needed for repairs such as ladders, cutting knife, patch material that works with your roofing system and possibly things like a small torch, and rags to mop up any water.

Second, check to see if the roofing material is bubbling up. This will be places where moisture has gotten under the roofing material and through heat expansion causes bubble.

Third, make sure the area you are working on is dry. Many roofing patch materials will not adhere if the roof is damp. You may need to use the rags and torch to help the process. Cut open any bubbles you find and squeeze out water. Again you may need to use the rags or the torch to help dry up the moisture.

Lastly, apply the patch material, following all directions. Some patches require prepping the area with a primer or cleaner. Apply the patch material liberally to the

While doing repairs yourself can save you money, often a leak indicates a larger problem. If your roof is already bubbling in areas, that means that either the top later has begun to fail or there are other problems.  Before leaks affect the substrate, it is best to call Lone Star Roofing for a free consultation on roof repairs.

Please click the link below to schedule your free consultation for Austin roofing repairs and we will call you right back or call us at 512-920-3747.

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