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Find the Best Roof Contractor in Temple Texas

Find the Best Roof Contractor in Temple Texas

“There’s a leak,” is one of the phrases a property owner hates to hear. For a residential owner, this could be an easy fix but for a commercial or industrial properly owner, it can be a big problem.   shutterstock_161957117

The roof on an industrial or commercial building is much more complex than a residential building. In most cases, the roof is flat and depends on layers of materials to keep the water on the outside of the building. When those materials fail, whether because of age or damage, it takes a trained professional to know how to fix your roof.

So how do you find the best roof contractor?

The yellow pages are full of ads for repairmen and contractors. You might think that any of them will do, but don’t be fooled. If you repair is not done correctly, you will end up spending more for other repairs down the road. To be sure you are hiring the best roof contractor possible you will have to do a bit of homework.

The Better Business Bureau is a great place to find information on companies. The BBB investigates complaints and gives out information on when and what those complaints are.

Lone Star Roofing is a locally owned family business that services Temple Texas. We’ve been in business since 1971 and focus on commercial and industrial roofing. With our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau we can assure you that your roofing needs will be handled with professionalism.

We specialize in commercial roofing. Whether you have a leak, a repair or you need to replace your roof we can meet all of your needs. We can advise you on how to save money with roof coverings or assist you in getting a tax credit. Free inspections and maintenance programs are designed to help you stop problems before they arise.

When you want the job done right, trust a professional. Let Lone Star Roofing identify your roofing needs with a free consultation. Please click below to schedule your free consultation and we will call you right back or call us at 512-920-3747.

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