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Find a Roofing Contractor For a Strip Mall in Texas

Find a Roofing Contractor For a Strip Mall in Texas

Strip malls are a unique type of commercial building that requires care and a personal touch when it comes to repairing or replacing the roof. You as the owner don’t want to disrupt the flow of traffic to the stores, by closing them while a roof is repaired or replaced, unless of course it is an emergency.    Screen_Shot_2014-03-18_at_3.44.14_PM

When you need a reliable roofing contractor that will minimize the impact of repairs, look no further than Lone Star Roofing. After thirty years of working in Texas we know that the weather will be the single factor that determines when your roof will fail. Because temperatures vary so much from season to season, thermal expansion and contraction can cause older materials to deteriorate. When it does, you sure don’t want your clients dealing with wet merchandise.

Lone Star Roofing is a commercial roofing contractor with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our highly trained installers can work on virtually any kind of roofing system from Modified Bitumen to Aluminum roofs. They can even apply roof coatings that can extend the life of your existing roof.

Best of all, Lone Star Roofing can give you options. Because a full tear down could cost you and your clients money, we can work with you on the best way to get the work done without a huge disruption. And because we are professional, all clean up will be done to your satisfaction.

This way, you and your clients can continue on with business as usual even if we are working just over head.

Lone Star Roofing can repair and install a variety of roofing systems that can save you money over your ownership of the building too. With white roof and reflective aluminum coatings, you can save money on heating and cooling bills.

So if you are wanting to save money, or repair your roof, give Lone Star Roofing a call. We have free consultations and can even advise you on maintenance programs that can extend the life of your current roof.

Please click below to schedule your free consultation and we will call you right back, or call us at 512-920-3747.

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