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Does TPO Roofing Lower Energy Bills

Does TPO Roofing Lower Energy Bills

TPO roofs (Thermal Plastic Olefin roofs) are very important in the building and construction industry. One enjoys many advantages by using the TPO roofs. TPO roofing comes with energy saving features. Studies commercial-roofing-austin-texas-1have found out that TPO roofs help reduce 20-40% in energy costs, reducing the nationwide demand for non-renewable energy.

Energy saving features of TPO roofs

Here is how energy saving features of TPO Roofs will save you costs:

  • They have single roof membranes made from rubber that lasts for long and make the roof resistant to ozone heat. It makes the roof long lasting because of its resistance against algae and other decomposing agents that reduce the roof’s lifespan.
  • They have strong seam strength as compared to adhesive and tape seams.
  • TPOs are flexible to be transported from one place to another. The by allow continuous use due to their resistance to punctures, wears and tears. This is due to the thickness in size as compared to other roofs.

Why use TPO roofs

  • White versions of TPO have an energy star rating and thus earn an EPA cool roof tax credit. This is because energy star roofing does not hold heat but reflects it.
  • Additionally, using TPO helps to reduce urban heat island effect.  This is where surfaces such as roofs pavements and roads capture heat and increase temperatures once the sun begins to set. TPOs provide a reverse reaction to the island effect.
  • TPO save money in cooling bills. Due to reduced heat absorption, there is a remarkable reduction in energy use. This saves one the trouble of purchasing air conditioners.
  • Maintenance costs are very low given that it is quick to detect a leakage any other cases warranting repair. Repairs are done at a relatively low price.


Buying from a certified TPO Roofing company is recommended. Good product information can be found by visiting the Lone Star Roofing company. You will find experienced roofing professionals who can advise you on how to save thousands of dollars through the installation of TPO roofs.

For more information, please click below to schedule your free consultation and we will call you right back or call us at 512-920-3747.

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