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Can I Fix My Leaky Roof By Myself

Can I Fix My Leaky Roof By Myself

Fixing a leaky roof isn’t something to be taken lightly but in most circumstances, a quick google search, the right tools and a great deal of caution can fix most minor leaks on your residential building. But when it comes to fixing a commercial or industrial roof, you are going to need to call in a professional.  roof-austin-texas

A residential roof mainly consists of a substructure-mainly plywood and tar paper which is then covered by shingles. Over time the shingles wear out or are damaged by sun, rain and other weather events. Shingles may tear off, curl up or degrade which lead to leaks in your roof. Prompt repair saves the underlying layers.

While there are many similarities between a residential roof and a commercial roof-such as substructure-there are many differences. Many commercial roofs are flat. Because of the size of the buildings, a pitched roof just isn’t practical. Flat roofs pose many problems as water doesn’t run off as it would with a pitched roof. Therefore, these roofs rely on evaporation to remove the water. Depending on the weather water can sit for hours or days. Over time, standing water causes materials that have been used to cover the substructure begin to decay, crack or chalk leading to water leaks.

In these cases fixing a leaky roof requires a skilled and knowledgeable contractor. A commercial roof contractor must know how to identify the sources of the leak, how to repair it properly or in worse case scenarios how to replace it. While some leaks are easy to fix, many are complex and using the wrong product will only lead to more problems later on.

By calling a professional roofing contractor, such as Lone Star Roofing, you will have the peace of mind that the job will be done correctly without disrupting your business. Our professional, well trained, installers can handle any of your roofing needs from repairs to installing a new roof. We can even advise you on maintenance plans that can extend the life of your existing roof. For more information, please click below to schedule your free consultation and we will call you right back. Or call us at 512-920-3747.

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